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Earn Money With a Free Membership at SFI By []Clyde Wagner Secure Future International Marketing Group has been in business for over 10 years built ground up for the internet and it has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2000. SFI's president Gery Carson has nearly 25 years of leadership in the direct mail and internet marketing industries , in 1998 he founded SFI and today its one of the top fastest companies with over 8,000 new affiliates each week. Gery Carson's remarkable strategies are woven throughout SFI's marketing system offering marketing tips and internet income training. Whether you are marketing online or offline, these resources are available at no extra cost with your free affiliate membership. Given your rank, SFI can pay out over 60% in commission and gives you the chance to earn this income without spending a dime. Since August of 2009, SFI uses a point based system called Versa Points or VP to provide qualifications and earn rank to determine commission. Starting at just 500VP you will receive 20% in customer commissions and 15% in affiliate override commissions. Potentially you can earn up to 6,000 VP or more to receive 72% customer commissions and 40% in overrides. Versa Points are reset each month, but your rank will be carried over by the VP amount in the previous month to maintain access to SFI tools, reports, and of course commissions. Your first month starts out quite simple being able to achieve VP by just learning about the company. You will have a VP scoreboard to follow listing FAQs and a series of informative pages called the LaunchPad. The LaunchPad series has been designed in a 30-day course for your first month to keep your success with SFI on track, the LaunchPad will be delivered daily by email for 30 days or you can go at your own pace while earning Versa Points. To build income with SFI it is best to keep those Versa Points racked up and take advantage of a couple sub-divisions of SFI, Triple Clicks and EyeEarn. Triple Clicks is SFI's store with a catalog of their own products, affiliate products, and products from a variety of retailers called MaxMalls. Affiliates are encouraged to look on Triple Clicks for items they would normally purchase elsewhere so that your purchases can be turned into commissions for the sponsors and uplines. In other words, you earn commission on the purchases of your referrals too. Though you do not have to spend money to earn with SFI, if you are having trouble maintaining VP to keep commissions from become forfeit, it is helpful and optional to create a standing order which allows you to automatically buy products from the Triple Clicks store each month to earn VP on qualified products. Also, as an affiliate you are able to list your own items for sale with credits, and upon finishing your LaunchPad you will receive free credits to use as a reward. EyeEarn has also been an active program of SFI. Start by ordering the EyeEarn starter kit for $20.00+s/h to take part in 3 more income streams. Being enrolled in EyeEarn you will receive referral credit on a portion of new Triple Clicks customers and other EyeEarners. You will also receive one share of the MaxMalls and the EyeEarn commission pools every month. In order to qualify you will need to maintain at least 1,500VP for 1 share, but you can obtain up to 6,000VP for 5 shares. Raising your VersaPoints is the essential part of earning income with SFI. The more points you have and maintain the higher your pay will be. I suggest ordering an EyeEarn kit as soon as possible and set a standing order on Triple Clicks to maintain that 1,500VP each month. You do not need to spend money to make money with SFI, but if you are unable to sponsor enough active affiliates, achieving 1,500VP without a standing order can be rough at times. But, do what you have to, stay enrolled in EyeEarn with 1,500VP minimum each consecutive month so you will receive loyalty bonuses of an additional 1 share every 12 months. Start your free affiliate membership today without hesitation and see much more of what SFI has to offer your business. With effort SFI turns over noticeable profit whether your invest money or not, and over time you can reach a potential six-figure income with SFI alone. Navigate to Affiliate Programs at Visit to learn more about SFI and other affiliate programs like it. Article Source: [] Earn Money With a Free Membership at SFI

Millions Of Opportunity Seekers Join Network Marketing Business By []Nicholl McGuire The unemployed, retired, homemakers, students and more are joining from the United States to India a networking business being described as "great, credible, honest and the best!" Strong Future International(SFI)a division of Carson Services, Inc., headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska USA was founded in 1985, by Gery Carson. According to the website, Carson is an entrepreneur who has been written about in Money Makers Monthly, Upline, Opportunity World Magazine, and other books and videos. He has authored several marketing tools and has been featured as an expert guest on live call-in radio shows. So what exactly is SFI? The site reports that it is an "exclusive marketing arm for the IAHBE (International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs) and Veriuni(TM), a line comprised of nutritional, cleaning, personal care, pet care, telecommunication products, and more." Opportunity seekers are drawn to the site for a number of reasons some of which include: membership and training is free, the company is established in over 200 countries, they keep in contact with everyone who joins on a daily basis, they have many products to choose from and will dropship to customers without additional cost, and they provide business tools to affiliates to promote their products and services for various fees. Affiliates are also attracted to the company's promise to provide residual income. This means that an affiliate would market his or her link to a prospect who would either buy a product or join the company and then he or she would refer someone and so on which would potentially give the affiliate income for years to come. Affiliates make money from the products sold through their individual url links assigned to them by the company. They are responsible for marketing those links that will connect the prospect to services and products at the site. In comparison to other networking businesses, SFI seems to have everything that any opportunity seeker would want. Unlike others, they are listed in the Better Business Bureau and can be contacted to answer questions. According to SFI representatives, SFI is not a pyramid scheme. The SFI website reports "they do not generate income solely on the process of recruiting others into a pyramid who pay a fee to get in. Instead there is no cost required to participate, and affiliates are paid only on product movement never on recruiting. And, unlike illegal pyramids, in SFI, no matter where you're positioned in the network or when you join, you can advance to the very highest income levels and even earn more income than those above you in the network." If you would like more information, click on the link that appears with this article. Sign up for top-rated Affiliate Program with SFI Marketing Group (SFI). Join over 8 million SFI affiliates worldwide! FREE sign-up at: Nicholl McGuire is a freelance writer. She enjoys writing about topics that can assist people with making and saving money. Feel free to stop at for realistic ways to make money without having to ask for a payday advance, use a credit card or file for bankruptcy. Article Source: [] Millions Of Opportunity Seekers Join Network Marketing Business

Achieving Real Success With SFI By []Merv Stevens Success with SFI begins with you. We all want the American dream. We all want to be successful and make money. We want to lead low-stress lives and enjoy how we make a living. We want to be assured of our financial stability and future success. We also want to have time for ourselves and not work all the time to achieve the dreams we have. With SFI, Strong Future International Marketing Group, you can achieve all of this and more. History of SFI SFI was founded in 1988. This company started with only one product and only marketed in the United States. Today, SFI has more than 81,000 services and products, and continues to grow at an exponential rate. SFI is present in over 190 countries all over the world. The creators of SFI wanted anyone with internet access to the internet and a computer to be able to participate in the growing market of e-commerce. Getting Started It is simple and easy to get started and see success with SFI. If you are of legal age in your country you can sign up to become an SFI affiliate. Simply fill out a free online registration form. Upon signing up there is no requirement or obligation to purchase anything. You are now on your way to seeing success with SFI. After your registration is complete, you will be given access to professional websites for the purposes of marketing the SFI products online. In addition and at no cost to you, SFI provides you with: • Sales support services • 24/7 customer service • Payment processing • Product shipment Making Money and Achieving Success Each sale that is generated by you earns you an affiliate commission. If you build and lead affiliate groups you will increase your commission earning potential. There are no limits to your success with SFI. The Benefits There are many benefits to being an affiliate of SFI, which can be seen throughout its business history. This American company is headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska. SFI has been in business for more than 14 years. SFI has a long successful history of helping others achieve their dreams and financial goals. This company pays out millions of dollars in commissions to thousands of global affiliates. This company is debt free and its parent company, Carson Services, Inc., has been in business for over 28 years. You can feel confident being an affiliate of SFI as they are a Bronze A+ member of the Better Business Bureau and they are also registered with Dun and Bradstreet. An average of nearly 3,000 new members join SFI everyday from more than 193 different countries. Currently over 120,000 people follow SFI on Facebook and SFI has nearly 130,000 followers on Twitter. SFI is an innovative and convenient way to start a second income in your own home and on your own time. Millions of people have already achieved great success with SFI and continue to build their incomes with this easy program. Merv Stevens works in Internet and Network Marketing. For tips and advice and to discover effective online marketing strategies to help you achieve []success with SFI, go to his website: []Wealth Success Ventures. Act now and discover how average people are achieving extraordinary results online by cashing in on the DIGITAL gold rush! Article Source: [] Achieving Real Success With SFI

The SFI TripleClicks Affiliate Online Program - Clear Your Trash in Minutes With This Online Store By []Shraddha Naik SFI's TripleClicks is quick, simple and easy. Having said that, you must be wondering what it is all about? SFI is an affordable affiliate online program which has the TripleClicks an online buying and selling store that affiliates or anybody can use for clearing their trash in minutes or for quick garage sales. It is a well known fact that one man's trash is another man's treasure. This online store helps you to clear your year old items in a jiffy. SFI TripleClicks Online Store SFI TripleClicks is an online store powered by SFI Marketing Group, one of the world's largest credible affiliate networks with over 100,000 affiliates in more than 190 countries around the globe. SFI's thousands of affiliates are continuously and effectively promoting TripleClicks for generating fresh and new prospective online buyers. As a SFI affiliate, not only do you get default access to SFI TripleClicks membership automatically, you can also subscribe to the exclusive "TripleClicks Deal of The Day" an email service that keeps you updated with the latest bargains. The online store provides you everyday huge money-saving offers on thousands of products and services from around the world. If you are not a SFI affiliate you can still opt to become a TripleClicks member and avail those offers. Here is an outline depicting how easy it is to do buying and selling transactions from SFI TripleClicks - 1. Become a SFI TripleClicks Member if you are not already a member by registering freely. 2. You can purchase some SFI TripleClicks credits for as little as 19 cents each to use whenever you want. This is required for listing your items for sale. 3. List your items, each listing costs you just one credit for as long as you wish to list. Make use of the 700 words limit for describing your product effectively and you can attach up to three images for each item. Use the pictures as it helps to sell well and SFI TripleClicks will continue to run your listing for as long as you would like to run with no additional cost. Isn't that fantastic? 4. Each time someone buys one of your items, you will be notified with an e-mail so you can ship the item to the buyer. Take the advantage of online marketing as your item gets exposed to thousands of SFI's affiliates and TripleClicks members around the world. 5. That's it. Once delivery is confirmed, you get paid! 6. For buying items from the online stores, visit TripleClicks and add it to the cart. SFI TripleClicks Main Features One of the advantages of TripleClicks is that SFI handles all processing, payments for you, so you don't have to worry about risky online transactions with strangers. Thanks to SFI, it is all professionally done, TripleClicks facilitates a safe and secure transaction ensuring a hassle-free and reliable transaction in which the seller and buyer are equally satisfied. Online promotion for your items means more sale opportunities for you. Once you are a member you find extremely lucrative offers and bargains that you can invest in monthly provisions without the need of looking outside. Another great aspect of SFI is the ECA program, you can easily buy the products from the online TripleClicks store that you used to buy from your favorite mall previously. The only condition is it should be listed as an ECA in SFI. If not you can even refer the store for ECA and enjoy life-long benefits. The advantage of the online shopping is that you easily accumulate the Versa Points every month to reach your goal in SFI while catering to your daily needs. Explore this fabulous opportunity and become a SFI TripleClicks member at the earliest. It is important to note that you can choose to become a TripleClicks member without opting for SFI's affiliate online program, though joining the affiliate program is always recommended because it gives you an opportunity to earn affiliate commissions. Shraddha Naik is the owner of http:/ [] website which provides a comparative analysis of web based home business. The reviews help a newcomer to choose among the numerous home businesses available online. Sign up for a free Autopilot PIPS website which is fully automated that helps you to work part-time or full-time from home. Subscribe to the Home Business Tips Newsletter for FREE, get a free Dotcomology eBook and go through the extensive tour of SFI TripleClicks [] to take the final leap. Clear your garage with SFI's TripleClicks which is hassle free with an online exposure to thousands of TripleClicks customers. SFI affiliate online program is nevertheless an excellent, alternative source of income during recession and bad economy. Article Source: [] The SFI TripleClicks Affiliate Online Program - Clear Your Trash in Minutes With This Online Store