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The Straight Skinny On EyeEarn - SFI By []Adam Callahan So you're thinking about starting your own online business. You have been surfing the net looking for a "good opportunity," and the name of SFI Marketing has popped up in your search engine results on more than one occasion. Yeah, it's kinda hard to miss us. SFI Marketing Group is the world's largest affiliate marketer, with multiple programs and over TEN MILLION members worldwide. Yep, you read that right, ten million. With that kinda power, SFI tends to be rather visible on the net! Question # 1 : "Is SFI the real deal, and just how much is this get-rich-quick 'opportunity' gonna set me back, anyways?" Fair question, so let me give you a straightforward answer. First, let's get something straight right at the start: SFI is NOT a 'get-rich-quick' scheme. It's a legitimate business with a proven 10 year, wealth-producing track record. SFI Marketing Group is also a member in good standing with the Nebraska Better Business Bureau. SFI / EyeEarn is Free to join and test the waters. Question # 2 : "What about all those ads I've seen talking about how SFI Affiliates are all getting these astronomical paychecks each month? I've even seen pictures of some of these SFI Affiliates proudly showing off some VERY large paychecks from SFI! Is that all a bunch of bull or what?" Nope. It's all true. SOME SFI Affiliates are indeed receiving fantastic paychecks each and every month. And SOME SFI Affiliates are still building their business and are receiving paychecks of just a couple of hundred dollars each month. And SOME SFI Affiliates will never make a dime with SFI...ever. Sad, but true. SFI is a business "opportunity," not a "guarantee" of wealth and success. That's also the truth. Let me illustrate what I'm getting at with a few examples. Why is it that some students always seem to fail semester after semester, while other students almost always get straight A+ report cards? Or, just take a look around your own hometown and neighborhood. Have you ever noticed any "For Sale" or "For Rent" signs out in front of where a small business once used to be? What about "Going Out Of Business Sale" signs? Yep, we've all seen 'em. On the other side, what about that guy who started out with just a small shop that is now a large, high-tech factory employing hundreds of people? He's now driving around in a chauffeured limo, and flying to meetings all over the world in his own private jet! Or what about that seemingly 'average' guy who just happened to have a "bright idea" one day, and was somehow able to turn it into a million bucks! Was he just lucky or what? Why is it that some people, and some businesses, succeed, while others seem destined for failure? The point I am trying to make here is that there are MULTIPLE reasons why some people, and some business ventures, succeed, and others fail. The same is true with your SFI business. People have different talents, different resources of time and money, different knowledge, different contacts, different determination, willpower, and drive, different personalities, different circumstances, and on and on. The happy news, however, is that success with SFI is, to a great extent, MOSTLY IN YOUR HANDS! IF... IF, that is, you are willing to INVEST in that success. We are talking TIME AND MONEY here, folks. Question # 3 : " Time and Money ? you said the SFI / EyeEarn opportunity was FREE" OK, you got me there but answer me this, my friend: Is there ANY business where you don't have to make an investment of time and money in order to succeed? If someone is giving away free money, please let me know so I can go get in line! And if you can find someone to start, fund, manage and run your business at absolutely no cost to you, then more power to you. My guess is that you might as well go play the lottery or head for the casino! Oh, right, THAT costs time and money, too... And, with your question, you actually just hit the nail right on the head as to why SOME SFI Affiliates fail: they are looking for something for nothing! And nothing is exactly what they will get. The right question, the one you should be asking, is: "How MUCH time and how MUCH money?" And, of course, I've got your answer: "How MUCH success do you want? And how BIG a paycheck do you want from SFI?" And here's the really sweet part of the deal: with SFI, YOU are totally in control of how much time, and how much money, you invest. That's right. There is no "requirement" for you to spend anything or do anything. You can build your SFI business AT YOUR OWN PACE, i.e., according to YOUR financial resources, and according to YOUR time and circumstances. For example, to put this web page on the internet cost me both money and time - money for a domain registration and advertising, as well as an investment in time and effort to construct and load the page to the server, and to write this article. But I have already had enough new signups to more than justify the investment. This all explains why the ten million SFI Affiliates around the world are each at their own level of success. Different investments, different time frames, different levels of reward. As a general rule, you pretty much get out of it what you put in to it, just like most things in life. There are THREE basic steps to success with SFI: 1. After you join, become an "Executive Affiliate" as soon as possible. There is just no way around this one. It's not all that hard to accomplish. 2. Personally sponsor SFI Affiliates. This means you must advertise the SFI opportunity and products, and sign people up through your marketing efforts. 3. Help your PSA's (Personally Sponsored Affiliates) to "go Exec" just like you. As you do this, you will quickly become an SFI "Team Leader," and as you build your team, you will open the door to those great paychecks you are looking for! That's it. Those are the "basics" of success with SFI. It really is that simple. And sure, there are a lot of details involved in marketing and in other aspects of the business, and there is a learning curve to master. There is great training available on the SFI website for all SFI Affiliates. Some, of course, advance and learn more quickly than others, and still others just refuse to do anything. One wonders what they were thinking when they first signed-up to launch their SFI business. I mean, suppose you had a 'brick and mortar' store, but you spent no money to stock the shelves with products, and you never bothered too even go unlock the doors for customers. Doesn't take an Einstein to figure out the fate of such an enterprise... For me, it all continues to be a lot of fun and a challenge. I ENJOY my SFI and EyeEarn business! Life is too short to waste on things you hate doing! With SFI and EyeEarn, I set my own hours, and I am my own boss. There is no commute anymore, and I love working at home and on the internet. My SFI business is steadily growing. EyeEarn is just one of the great programs offered through SFI Marketing Group. You can make money from them all. Adam Callahan [] Article Source: [] The Straight Skinny On EyeEarn - SFI

SFI Affiliate Program Review By []Steve Brown Jr. The SFI Affiliate Program has become one of the most well know affiliates programs on the internet. It was started in 1998 and has grown to have millions of services and products that are sold in over 190 countries. SFI was created in such a way that anyone with a computer and internet access would have the opportunity to sell these services and products and hopefully be able to make some residual income. Gery Carson is the CEO and President of the SFI Marketing Group. He was well know during the years from 1985 - 1998 as being a successful top marketer in many different companies. He was named to the Outstanding Young Men of America in 1992 and has also been a publisher of a successful magazine. It was in 1998 that the he started the SFI Marketing Group. The SFI Affiliate Program is great in a number of ways. First and foremost its free, anyone can just go to the website and sign up as an affiliate. This in turn provides access to the millions of products and services that you can now sell. What you also receive after signing up is basically duplicated professionally designed websites that will handle all the payment processing and shipping of any of the products sold and these services and others are of no cost to the affiliate. Receiving up to 70% commissions on any sales is the most basic form of income through the affiliate program. The second is to focus on sponsoring other affiliates underneath yourself building yourself sort of a down line team where the sponsoring person would receive a percentage of their commissions. The last focus is on training and teaching the affiliates on your team to do the same type of recruiting therefore expanding your team. The SFI Affiliate Program is with a well established company, there are over 8000 new members of affiliates that sign up weekly which can kind of give you an idea of the amount of competition you might have, how many of them actually do anything we will not really ever know. There are many good things about this company but one of things that people do not take into consideration and is a shocker is even though you get to sign up for free, you are responsible for doing your own advertising and driving traffic to all your affiliate sites. Hope this article has been just a quick resource and the information that was helpful to you. To read further on SFI Affiliate Program [] Article Source: [] SFI Affiliate Program Review

5 Important Tips on SFI Review For Freshers and Affiliates Who Want to Take That Leap By []Shraddha Naik Let's say it has been a couple of days since you have got into the online business, reviews and internet scams. You are probably wondering - "Who are these SFI guys?","Is this SFI marketing group for real" and "What is the big deal in becoming SFI affiliate?" or "Is SFI scam"? Well, these are great questions, you have 100 % rights to ask them and take a deep dive into SFI review! After all, you want to explore and start an online home based business and want to be successful at that. You have absolutely all the rights to know the truth on SFI scam - as some of the unsuccessful people on internet have termed it. Let's do a quick and unprecedented SFI review to find out the truth. Is SFI scam? 5 Tips and Facts on SFI Review SFI marketing group is managed by the President, CEO, and founder Gery Carson. You would also like to know that from 1985 to 1998, Gery was a top business marketer and had many record-breaking direct sales for the companies he worked for prior to joining SFI. Gery was known for his innovation capabilities and has been a pioneering force in the direct mail and Internet marketing industries for more than 25 years. He is an extra-ordinary and incredible business entrepreneur. His exceptional achievements as an entrepreneur have been spotlighted in many magazines, numerous books and videos. When it comes to finding a legitimate business opportunity on the world-wide-web, you have your own doubts and hesitations. Probably you are a fresher, a novice who has not yet taken the first step. The internet is swarmed with illegal money games and fast vanishing internet schemes that are here today and gone tomorrow, it is but natural for you to do a SFI review before taking the final leap. In 1998, Gery set out a ground-breaking program that would utilize the online opportunity to empower and enrich the lives of millions of people around the world. So how can be SFI scam? Today, with more than 8,000 new affiliates joining every week, SFI is one of the fastest online growing companies. It is one of its kind in the world and is well on its way to achieving not only Gery's vision but making the dream of many affiliates coming true. Just make a wrong step or choose the wrong company, and before you know you have already lost fortunes. Once you do a thorough SFI review, you will indeed come to agree that SFI is indeed one of those rare jewels and SFI scam is all made up. Internet is a huge multi-billion-dollar marketplace and is still growing, the earning potential is huge. SFI is not a scam but a real opportunity to cash in - through referring customers and sponsoring affiliates. There are many sub divisions of SFI like EyeEarn, TripleClicks, ECA that help you in establishing your business - "sky is the limit". Shraddha Naik is the owner of http:/ [] website which provides a comparative analysis of web based home business. The reviews help a newcomer to choose among the numerous home businesses available online. Sign up for a free Autopilot PIPS website which is fully automated that helps you to work part-time or full-time from home. Subscribe to the Home Business Tips Newsletter for FREE, get a free Dotcomology eBook and go through the extensive tour of SFI Review [] to take the final leap. SFI affiliate online program is nevertheless an excellent, alternative source of income during recession and bad economy. Article Source: [] 5 Important Tips on SFI Review For Freshers and Affiliates Who Want to Take That Leap

SFI Marketing Group - Does it Live Up to the Claims? By []John Wygant What you need to know about SFI Marketing Group An established name in network marketing, SFI Marketing Group is a division of Carson Marketing and Carson Services. Starting with just one product offering, SFI Marketing Group began in 1998. From that humble beginning just a decade ago, SFI has grown their business to include millions of products and services. The tiny, unknown business has expanded it operations from the United States to over 190 countries. SFI was conceived as a way to leverage the opportunities presented by a rapidly expanding marketplace on the internet. Gery Carson, SFI's founder, has helped build the organization with his extensive sales and marketing experience. SFI is comprised of two smaller divisions, and SFI Marketing Group: A Breakdown According to SFI Marketing Group, 8000 newly-registered affiliates each week make it one of the fastest-growing network marketing companies. Enrollment statistics and information are constantly updated on SFI's website. Enrollment is free and open to anyone. The only requirement for enrollment is a computer and internet access. Once enrolled as an SFI Marketing Group affiliate, you will get your own affiliate website. The amount of effort you devote to website promotion and advertising will directly impact your success. While the current existing income plan will always have some effect on your earnings, your own involvement will also be a major factor. SFI helps get your business going by offering you extensive marketing tools for promoting your affiliate website. Despite the expanding influx of newcomers to the internet marketplace, SFI has maintained its prominence. And, while there are many SFI affiliates who earn only a small monthly income, there are also more than a few SFI Affiliates who have turned the program into a fulltime income. Despite its tremendous advantages, there are a few caveats with SFI. While membership is free, profits are not as high until you become an Executive Affiliate. Becoming an Executive Affiliate requires earning 10 Sales Volume Points each month. Verdict SFI Marketing Group is a leader in the field of affiliate marketing. Countless independent testimonials are easily available with a quick search on the web. Thanks to SFI, dedicated business owners have the opportunity for multiple streams of income. Regardless of the quality of the affiliate program, a comprehensive marketing system is vital to the success of your website. Without a solid business plan, you will limit your earnings potential. You can learn more about the SFI Marketing Group [] and other useful online money making information by visiting Plug In Profit [] site here. Article Source: [] SFI Marketing Group - Does it Live Up to the Claims?

Affiliate Newbies Marketing Guide By []Gary L Wells Are you a newbie in the affiliate marketing arena with very little experience and very little or no capital? Then SFI Marketing Group will be a great place to start learning affiliate marketing because it's free to join and takes very little capital to get started with a reputable global company and you make money while you learn. Where you go from there, the sky's the limit, but it's a great place to start. Now being an affiliate newbie in the marketing world can be a very intimidating experience to say the least, especially if you're not yet familiar with things like domains, domain forwarding, linking, PPC, signature emails, or marketing in general. There are thousands of products out there that one can promote as an affiliate, some will be scams, and the good ones will take a little capital and a lot of work to promote, and the best ones will take a lot of capital and a little work. The Gurus of affiliate marketing make a lot of money because they have the capital to advertise and that's the name of the game. If you can afford to show your AD to a half a million people, someone is going to buy it. At SFI Marketing Group there is a totally different approach, and I think it's going to catch on very quickly as they grow in the global arena of affiliate marketing. All the people that join SFI are part a growing team and as a team member you will have access to vast amounts of free information and training for affiliates working from home. It cost nothing to become an SFI affiliate. Not like a lot of affiliate marketing programs where you buy their product and they forget about you, at SFI they keep in close contact (via email) with all the members and make sure you have all the tools you need to make money online. So, for the Affiliate newbies out there that are on a budget like me and want to break into affiliate marketing, you should take the time to give SFI a good look over before you waste any more money like I did. I struggled as an affiliate newbie marketer for six months and wasted a lot of time and money on other programs that failed. SFI Marketing Group is a genuine program with genuine people that will share every resource to make sure you succeed. I won't tell you that you'll be a millionaire over night but I did finally make some money the first week I joined. [] Article Source: [] Affiliate Newbies Marketing Guide