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Work at Home Jobs In Education

Some skills they look for in this department are individuals who have strong management skills, excellent written skills, and experience working with a team of collaborations. To find out more information and to check current open positions,

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8. Human Resources

The Human Resource Department at Amazon works to find the best employees to work at Amazon. Some of the most common Amazon human resource positions are

human resource assistant, human resources manager, recruiter, benefits specialist, and recruiting coordinator.

When I checked out the work-from-home opportunities in this department, I found a lot of positions that qualified individuals could do from home.For most of the positions in the human resource department, they look for individuals with great communication and verbal skills and past experience working in the human resource field. Check out Amazon’s current human resource positions by

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9. Amazon Marketing

The marketing department has the task to build relationships with Amazon’s customers. Some of the positions in the marketing departments are

marketing coordinator, social and digital media manager, marketing manager, and brand specialis

t. Some of the skills Amazon looks for from people who want to work in the marketing department are individuals with strong critical thinking skills and individuals who have a self-starter-type attitude. Additionally, having marketing experience is a huge plus.

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to see Amazon’s marketing work-from-home positions.

10. IT Support Engineering

Amazon’s IT support team is the heart of the company and one of the main reasons Amazon runs as smoothly as they currently do. Some of the common IT positions are

IT technician, network engineer, network support engineer, network support engineer, and IT system engineer

.If you have a background working in operational services or experience working with informational technology operations, this might be a great job for you. Check out Amazon IT positions by

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11.Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a little different from the other jobs on the list because it isn’t a full work-from-home job, but it is a job you can do and set your own schedule. When you become an associate with Amazon Flex, you deliver packages from the Amazon warehouse to customers. With this job, you can start out earning between $18 and $25 per hour depending on your location.With this side hustle, you will use your own vehicle to deliver Amazon customers’ packages. While this isn’t a full-time position, it can surely provide a great side-hustle income. Check out Amazon Flex by

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How Can I Get A Job At Amazon?

If you are looking to get a job at Amazon, one of the first things you can do is go to the

Amazon virtual location

website to see their current open positions. On the Amazon virtual location website, you can view positions and apply for the positions right on the site.When you find a position that you are interested in, click “

Apply now.

” After that, you will see a space to sign up for an Amazon job account to apply for the position.

How Much Does Amazon Pay To Work At Home?

The pay rate will vary depending on skills, experience, and job-related knowledge. A lot of the positions are full-time, but they also have part-time work-from-home positions that become available throughout the year.For example, the Amazon

customer service associate

position has an average hourly rate of $12 and the average hourly rate for a

quality associate

is between $17.16 and $23.61 per hour.Keep in mind a lot of Amazon positions such as a customer service associate do require that you work weekends, some nights, and even some holidays.

What Are The Advantages Of Working From Home?

Working from home has a lot of advantages, such as less commute stress, which is a huge one for me. The average commuter

spends at least 27.1 minutes

driving to their jobs and the same amount of time driving back home. Moreover, some commuters have a longer commute time when you add in the delays from traffic.Another huge advantage of working from home is the ability to save more money. It’s no surprise that when you work outside the home, you will spend more money on gas, food, and at times, parking.But, when you work from home you, will be able to save more money, which can help pay off debt quicker or help build wealth.

Additional Work-From-Home Jobs

1. Blogger

One of the best decisions I ever made was to

start a blog

and work from home. There are a lot of different ways to make money from a blog, such as

affiliate marketing, working with brands on sponsored posts, working with an ad revenue company, and selling your own digital products.

I have a ton of resources to help get you started if you are just starting out with your blog. Check out the resources below on how to start and grow a blog. If you don’t have a blog and are interested in starting one,

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Blogging Resources

2. Freelance Writer

If you love writing, becoming a freelance writer can be an ideal work-from-home job for you. As a freelance writer, you can write for different publications and businesses and make money from home. Some places online where you can find freelance writing jobs are



, and

People Per Hour

.Additionally, I did an interview with Elna Cain, who is a blogger and successful freelance writer, and she shared tips on how to get into the freelance writing industry and work from home.

Click here to read the article.

3. Proofreader + Editor

If you are the go-to person to edit and proofread papers, this work-from-home job might be a great fit for you. When you become a proofreader, you will take on clients and help them find grammatical errors in their documents, such as typos and punctuation errors.If you are looking to get into the proofreading field, I have a whole post on how to get started and a list of places online that hire proofreaders.

Click here to read the post.

4. Data Entry Clerk

Another great work-from-home job is a data entry clerk. As a data entry clerk, you will do duties such as enter information onto a computer for a business and help update current records for the business into programs such as Excel.If you are looking for data entry companies that hire throughout the year,

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.If you are looking for additional work-from-home jobs,

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to read a post filled with 20 work-from-home jobs you can apply for this year.

Final Thoughts on Amazon Work-From-Home Jobs

If you are looking for Amazon work-from-home jobs, this post shared some of the best ones to look into this year. One of the quickest ways to get started is by checking out Amazon’s virtual location website.This site has over 100 different work-from-home jobs that you can look into and apply for. Do you currently work from home with Amazon? If so, let us know about it in the comment section below.

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