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How to Improve Our Keywords Ranking and Traffic?

useful to have a built-in network to share new content with – a blog following, an audience on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, email contacts you can reach out to for occasional help with a link. If you don’t know what that means, it’s time to start thinking about link building as relationship building.

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Three Tips To Make Your Website Rank For Any Keyword You Want

How does one rank for specific keywords in the search engine results? What kinds of things to the search engines factor in when determining relevancy to the searches done on the internet? These questions, and better yet the answers to these questions, are very simple and straightforward, and anyone can rank a website for a specific keyword. The first thing you want to think about when ranking for a keyword is your title and header tags in the code of your site. Nothing is more important to the relevancy of a web page than the title and header tags of that page. When search engines crawl the internet looking for pages, they work just as you would when you're looking for a book or article, they look at the title to try to gain a general understanding of what that page is about. They will also look at the header tags (specifically h1 and h2 tags) to try to categorize the web page accordingly. So, if you want to rank for a specific keyword, make sure the title and header tags on that page include that keyword. This is by far the most important factor for rankings. Not only are title and header tags extremely important, but also including that keyword and variations of the keyword within the text body of the page, so search engines can see that the page is actually discussing that topic. It is very important to write a well though out and organized body text, and include the keywords within the text in a professional manner. This is important because the search engines will know if one is trying to spam a web page with a specific keyword to rank higher for it, and thus that page will be penalized for its falsifications. The third, and just as important as the first two, thing you want to make sure you do is to try to create links from other websites pointing back at your web page that have the actual keyword in the text link itself. So, if one wanted to rank for a keyword that was "dog therapy" they would want text links in different places on the internet that merely said "dog therapy" in click-able text that points back to that page. Ranking for web pages on search engines is as easy as 1-2-3, where the three steps are all listed above. Depending on the term that one is trying to rank for, the processes may need to be repeated and done more. This technique for ranking pages is practiced all over the internet, and is guaranteed to work.

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How To Make Your Website Rank For Any Keyword You Want?


Dermaster Viet Nam CEO DermasterVN1. Quality content, length of 1500 characters2. Optimizing internal links with related content3. Links from pages of the same topic and high reliabilityAug 24th 2018 01:36 1 Likes Liked it
Mehika Porter Promo Codes - Hong Kongspend some time to do ON-page and OFF-page seo for your website and SMO as well. it will increase traffic.Aug 24th 2018 02:36 1 Likes Liked it
Anurag Arora Online InfluencerWrite quality content on that keyword everywhere on the web, be it your article submissions, blogs and all.Aug 26th 2018 00:48 Like it Report
Shafac Khan managerFocus on Content marketing to get valuable link and also back linking and social sharing.Aug 27th 2018 01:15 1 Likes Liked it
Parahombre USA BusinessQuality Backlinks and good quality contentAug 28th 2018 05:17 Like it
Emily Rose Evergreenpowerukbuilds your link on high pr, pa, da sites.Aug 28th 2018 23:37 1 Likes Liked it Report
Ordius IT Solutions Website Design & Digital Marketing1. Guest Blogging2. Public RelationsPublic relations in the context of link building simply means using the same methods to get backlinks that you might use to get press.3. Broken Link Building4. Skyscraper!5. Resource Links6. Find Competitors’ Backlinks and “Steal” ThemAug 29th 2018 00:08 1 Likes Liked it
Ripen Apps Mobile App Development CompanyYou can increase your keywords ranking my making good quality of link building and promotion of the services on the social media. You should also do all the SEO off page activities and On page activities also. Make sure that your website content is of good quality and unique.Sep 4th 2018 00:35 1 Likes Liked it
sla consultants india SLA Consultants India - Training Center DelhiContent marketing is best option ...Nov 10th 2018 04:01 1 Likes Liked it
Csaba Juhasz Business Development SpecialistFocus on Link Building and keywords, good contentAug 20th 2018 02:25 2 Likes Liked it
Tushar Singh Investment BankerCreate high quality content which is relevant to user and share it as much as you can.Aug 20th 2018 03:01 1 Likes Like it
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Anurag Arora Online InfluencerKeyword research, quality content, on-site optimization, quality backlinks.Aug 20th 2018 03:57 1 Likes Like it Report
VoIP Business Business Development ExecutiveFocus on increasing DA and kink building, for these you need to create quality and relevant content.Aug 20th 2018 06:58 2 Likes Liked it
Wang Y. SEMFocus on link building and promotion ,and content.Aug 20th 2018 20:36 2 Likes Liked it
Uday Singh Samsung fridge service center in faridabadyou make blog and competitor link than your keyword ranking increaseAug 21st 2018 01:26 2 Likes Liked it
mahendra rawat Web Developerif any cndition your keyword not wrking that tym use off page seoAug 21st 2018 02:07 1 Likes Like it
Chris S. Business OwnerUse long Keyword like Business Opportunity to drive organic traffic and get the best ranking.Its is important to any niche in SEO.Aug 21st 2018 03:22 2 Likes Liked it
Carol Diaz Medical Practitioner, Addiction ExpertsSimply focus on quality do follow backlink.Aug 21st 2018 04:36 2 Likes Liked it
Bhawna Aggarwal bloggerfor keyword ranking, firstly we require a long tail keyword with low keyword density and high in volume search then we need good quality content and good quality backlinks with the ratio of 70%do follow and 30%no follow and it also helps in increasing traffic plus we promote it on social networks for the engagement, traffics, likesAug 21st 2018 09:25 1 Likes Liked it
Abhinav Singh Digital Marketing Expertdo the on-page optimization, it will relly help.Aug 21st 2018 12:03 Like it
Kathy Butters A Blogger, Content WriterNeed to focus on on-page SEO first, then make the quality link by off-page SEO such as: Guest posting, Q&A link building, Web 2.0, Blog commenting, Business Listing etc.Aug 21st 2018 23:17 1 Likes Liked it
AR Packers Movers Best Packers and Movers in NoidaFocus on Link Building and Promotion on Daily Basis with Quality of Content on WebAug 22nd 2018 02:53 Like it
Fitfoodies Mantra fitfoodiesthere are 2 ways to improve your traffic & keywords rankings - 1. Your website should remain healthy & continuous updated. 2. Quality Link Building is must.Aug 22nd 2018 02:55 1 Likes Liked it
Surprise Ideas Get Surprise Ideas for Dream Personsdo proper keyword research and write quality content, after publishing the content do social promotions and leave the post 1 week after that start quality link building then your keywords will rank.. Last but not least update your post regularlyAug 22nd 2018 05:11 1 Likes Liked it Report
verve logic verve logicTry getting backlinks from site which have high DA PA. you can go for SMO and Social Bookmarking, and guest posting.Aug 22nd 2018 05:50 1 Likes Liked it
Nor D. Forex, klse Market ExpertFocus on creating quality backlinks in front of the right audience.Also make sure you create links on high PA, DA and on high PR websites!!!Aug 23rd 2018 00:15 1 Likes Liked it
Raman Sethi BloggerUse Long tail keywords instead of generic ones and be very specificAug 23rd 2018 00:15 1 Likes Liked it
Lgcustomer Services lg service centreyou can post everyday blog post and compitetor links and froum posting
Joe Richard Android Application DeveloperFocus on link building and promotionAug 16th 2018 05:20 2 Likes Like it
Brij Wale Vrindavan, Mathura, Govardhan, NandgaonFocus on link building and promotion on daily basisAug 16th 2018 05:26 2 Likes Like it
Ashish Gautam Digital Marketing ManagerFocus on quality of content .if you have quality content so you can get automatic lots of links and share. google believe neutral in links. best way to get natural links is readable & informational contentAug 16th 2018 06:16 2 Likes Like it Edited in Aug 16th 2018 06:18
Sushil G. Online Marketing Analyst Sometimes Bloggers tooTry to get backlinks from different high DA domains.Give best of you in doing On-Page of website.Internal Linking should be done properly for better content marketing.Aug 16th 2018 06:17 4 Likes Liked it
Aditi Tripathi Pet LoverDO Proper ON page and OFF Page SEO.Aug 16th 2018 06:23 2 Likes Like it
Savithri K12 Godrej Reflections in BangaloreFocus on Link Building and Submit Social media your project URL, and also submit High DA & PA, make it correct On Page on Your Project. Follow the Google AlgorithmsAug 16th 2018 06:57 3 Likes Like it
Parahombre USA BusinessTo create quality backlinks and quality content on the website.Aug 17th 2018 00:02 2 Likes Like it
Java India Java Web Development CompanyBy analysing the target market and on making qualitative backlinks.Aug 17th 2018 02:30 1 Likes Like it
Advertising Industries Banner & Large Format Printing in MitchamFocus on High Searches Keywords And Create a Good Quality backlinks.Aug 17th 2018 04:16 2 Likes Liked it
Bharat Sthali Live With TraditionsFocus on Build quality links through SMO and SEO and also focus on content qualityAug 17th 2018 06:28 2 Likes Liked it
Bella Swan I am technical analyst in a software companyJust simply focus on promotion like - bookmarking, classifieds and other submissions. And also focus on backlinks side by side on do follow sites.Aug 17th 2018 23:49 2 Likes Like it
Ordius IT Solutions Website Design & Digital MarketingUse SEO tools to help you improve your website SEO which refers to backlinks and other external signals.Link BuildingSocial Media MarketingSocial bookmarkingCreating Shareable ContentForum SubmissionBlog Directory SubmissionArticle SubmissionVideo SubmissionImage SubmissionDocument SharingInfo-graphics SubmissionAug 18th 2018 00:33 2 Likes Like it
Sourabh Kumar Article PromoterWork on keywords with good quality backlinkqAug 18th 2018 03:27 2 Likes Liked it
WhiteningInning Best ExecutiveConcentrate on long tail keywords. Have content more than 1000 words.Aug 18th 2018 08:19 2 Likes Liked it
danyel naq Webzinio - Web page developmentLink BuildingSocial Media MarketingSocial bookmarkingCreating Shareable ContentForum SubmissionBlog Directory SubmissionArticle SubmissionVideo SubmissionImage SubmissionDocument SharingInfo-graphics SubmissionAug 18th 2018 10:29 2 Likes Liked it
SOURAV KUMAR SEO AnalystIncrease keywords ranking through quality content and quality backlinks on the website.Aug 18th 2018 10:58 2 Likes Liked it
Ripan Choudhary SEO ExpertCreate Quality Content & also Create the High-Quality Backlinks for your website.Aug 19th 2018 23:33 2 Likes Like it
Agriya Web &App Development Firm Web and Clone Script DeveloperCreate top notch contents with helpful references and backlink your website in a genuine way so that it helps the users. Another most important thing is to have social signals for the pages you are trying to rank. Try to create online presence for the website & acquire backlinks from high DA sites.Aug 20th 2018 01:02 2 Likes Liked it
Kanika Goyal Online Consumer ForumFocus on link building and promotion on daily basisAug 20th 2018 01:40 2 Likes Liked it
Shivam Kumar Advertising ProfessionalMake sure your targeted page answers the "intent of keyword" in way that users get satisfy. Without this you won't be able to rank whether you build tons of backlinks.. But if you done the above part and build some/few good quality links you will rank higher. To maintain that rank do optimize that page further.Aug 20th 2018 01:57 2 Likes Like it