How To Find A Job At A Conference Event by JoAnn Hines

just came back from speaking at two separate conferences. The attendance level was high and each offered plenty of time for getting to know the attendees. As with most conversations, we inevitably discussed the job market. It was surprising to me the number of people that mentioned that they were aware of the articles I had written on career and professional development. In fact a couple of people congratulated me on a job well done.

Laser Hair Removal Fights Public Enemy Number -1: Body Hair by Robert Ailes, M.D.

Soaring in popularity, laser hair removal ranks as the fastest growing non-surgical cosmetic enhancement procedure. Last year in the US there were almost 2 million procedures performed. Laser hair removal offers four main advantages over other conventional methods: 1) comfort, 2) speed, 3) accuracy, and 4) long-term effectiveness.

How to Start a Paper Shredding Business by Randy Wilson

Paper Shredding Business Opportunities are blossoming up everywhere because in recent years, privacy concerns and new policies have forced companies all over the country to invest in paper shredding services. Large corporations and small are in need of shredding services.

Jobs For Retirees - Virtual Employment Could Be Your Answer by Karen Cook

Are you retired but find yourself needing more money for the day-to-day essentials? Would you like to be able to supplement your retirement pension by securing a job where you could work from home? The skills and knowledge of your career before retirement can now see you through the second half.

Top 5 Tips to Become a Virtual Worker - Part III - 2010 Virtual Workforce Series by Karen M. Bowman

I believe the next generation of virtual workers (Generation V?) will be found in our Generation Z graduates, innovative entrepreneurs representing Generations X & Y, and Baby Boomers not yet ready to fully retire. For students paying their way through school, those graduating with little to no work experience, or anyone else interested in the challenging virtual workforce industry, I've compiled a list of five important considerations.

Do Virtual Assistants Need to Be Certified? by Trena Stubbs

A hot topic among new and seasoned Virtual Assistants is certification. Some say that it is an absolute must while others think it has no true purpose. In my opinion, I think that it really depends on the individual and what the certification includes.

Setting Your Own Virtual Assistant Business by Jes B

If you want to own a virtual assistant business, you would need to know about the internet and have a good computer system. If these two are set up, then you can now start becoming a virtual assistant. The term virtual is an action in a specific network.

Get Started to Become A Virtual Assistant by Michelle Salmorin

As the economy becomes more globalized, businesses and individuals are outsourcing to maintain stability and accomplish greater results. Consequently, Virtual Assistants industry has been a huge boom and is still growing rapidly and becoming popular for those who want to run their own home business or simply become a virtual assistant on their own.

How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business by Paula Dodds

Virtual Assistance is a rapidly growing industry. It offers flexibility, freedom and control.

Virtual Assistant Needed - Businesses Are Looking For Virtual Assistants Because of the Recession by Lisa Taliga

With the economy taking a downturn, the Virtual Assistance industry is one of the few industries experiencing a boom. This is because businesses still require administrative, secretarial, technical and creative support, but the cost of a full time staff may be prohibitive. By outsourcing work, their permanent staffing costs are decreased, but the work is still getting done. This is becoming a popular solution as business owners realize how much they can save. Therefore you can expect to see many more ads with the headline 'Virtual Assistant Needed


How to Become a Virtual Receptionist by Jacques Barb

Starting any new career can be tricky if you are not sure of the skills required. However, becoming a virtual receptionist may be one of the easier, more rewarding careers to learn and one that anyone can master, regardless of age or education level. Here are some tips on how to get a job with a live telephone answering service and how to become a virtual receptionist


The Benefits to Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses to

Outsource to a Virtual Office or Assistant by Melissa Vokoun

The emergence of the Virtual Assistant - Virtual Office support professional can fill that gap. The Virtual Assistant takes the role of office temp and elevates it to the status of entrepreneur. Because the Virtual Assistant is self-employed, bills the client only the hours worked or assignment completed, and is dependent on steady workflow from existing clients and referrals, this is the perfect solution for the busy professional.

Pointers On How To Work From Home As A Virtual Assistant by Jeremy Fitz

Begin a flexible as well as financially fulfilling work as a virtual assistant giving workplace assistance or personal assistance from the comfort and ease of your own home. Virtual assistants are generally freelance entrepreneurs. These people work from another location and make use of the world wide web, fax, phone as well as other technological innovation in order to deliver assistance to clients.

Virtual Job Search Basics - Writing a Virtual Resume by Melissa Brewer

How should you write your online resume to attract a virtual employer? Here's how to write, format, and highlight your skills for a virtual job.

Virtual Teams in Education by Paul Hoffman

The future of business is not in brick and mortar institutions as historically viewed. The proliferation and miniaturization of communications mediums, cellular telephone, fax, Internet, personal data devices, and lap top computers, make offices available where people are - not where the office is. What does this mean in terms of education? The United States Department of Education (US-DOE) provides a look into higher education statistics for twelve months 2000 to 2001. US-DOE figures from that period show 56 percent (2320) post-secondary two- and four-year schools had online courses. Another twelve percent desire to go online within the next three years. Finally, 31 percent said they would not go online. Clearly, two-thirds of colleges and universities have or want online educational opportunities for students.

7 Possible Niches for Virtual Assistants by Crystal Redhad-Gould

Within the virtual community people are talking about the benefits of working at home, of owning one's own business and of getting out of the rat race. No wonder that there are so many eager to get on board. One frequently asked question by virtual newbies is "How do I define my niche?" or "what should my niche be?"

Career Outlook for Virtual Assistants by India Jordan

What is the career outlook for the Virtual Assistance industry? Will this job still be around in 20 years? This article discusses these questions and more.

Virtual Assistance 101 - What is a Virtual Assistant? by Carol D'Annunzio

If you do a search on Google, you will quickly discover that there are a lot of definitions on what Virtual Assistance is all about. Plus, there are a lot of people opening up shop and calling themselves a Virtual Assistant (VA) when in fact, they are not. This has caused much confusion about the Virtual Assistant industry. My goal with this article is to help dispel some of these misconceptions.

Virtual Office Support by D Barnes

There are many benefits associated with working with a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant will save business owners time and resources.

Work From Home - Become a Virtual Assistant! by Sharon L. Green

For years I worked in the IT industry traveling around the country as an Implementation Project manager for a software development company then later for a Fortune 500 Company, and when I was not on the road I worked from home, in my pajamas, or shorts (depending on whether it was winter or summer). That was 2 to 3 weeks out of every month that I was a high level, corporate employee working as a telecommuter! As a matter of fact, when I went to work for the Fortune 500 Company, I did not meet my boss or any of my co-workers until I traveled to the West Coast, THREE MONTHS after my first day of employment!

Recession-Proof Your Small Business With a Virtual Assistant by Sharon B Williams

As the economy heads toward a recession and business owners express concern about overhead and cutting expenses, it is time to implement innovative, cost-effective, technology-savvy, recession-busting strategies. Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a viable solution that saves time, money and frees entrepreneurs to fuel their passion.

Virtual Assistants: Key Characteristics of a Good Virtual Assistant by Teresa A Douglas

Virtual assistants will definitely help your business grow, but finding the right assistant can be quite challenging. When searching for an independent contractor, you have to make sure that she possesses certain qualities.

Virtual Jobs - A Growing Trend by Gina Blanco

A review of the trend for companies to recruit virtual associates like. This article will delve into why companies recruit virtual jobs and the emergence of reputable online recruiting companies.

Work From Home Business - Finding Your Niche As A Virtual Assistant by Cesar Campos

So you've decided to keep your sanity and your hair by becoming a work at home mom. You might have come to this decision because you want to spend more time with your family, work from home, have financial independence, or be your own boss. Whichever it may be, I'm sure you are discovering the challenges of choosing which self employment route to take.

What Is A Virtual Assistant? by India Jordan

Learn what a Virtual Assistant is and what they do.

Instrument Technicians and Dual Trade Electricians - The Backbone of Industrial Companies by Groshan Fabiola

Recent government studies have revealed the fact that there is an acute global deficit of blue collar laborers in present, the crisis regarding manual workforce becoming increasingly prominent in the last few decades. This phenomenon has been augmented

Want To Ensure Your Booth And Banner Stands Look Their Best? Employ Professional Trade Show Labor by Chris A. Harmen

Companies wanting their booths and banners stands to grab the crowd's attention should partner with a professional trade show installation firm. Read on to find out more.

How to Set Your Virtual Assistant Professional Fees by Denise Griffitts

Most virtual assistants start their business with a picture-perfect idea of flexible hours spent working with long-term clients on interesting and well-paid projects. Fast forward a few months and what many virtual assistants end up with are long hours, clients from hell and income that is barely enough to pay the bills.

Conducting Business through B2B E-marketplaces by Nowshade Kabir

Businesses, which are still sitting on sidelines and not doing business on the Internet, should think seriously about their position! If you are one of them, chances are there, that you have to pay d...

Conducting Business through B2B E-marketplaces