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Top 25 ARKK Invest Holdings

As of 03/12/2022
CompanyTickerCUSIPSharesMarket Value($)Weight(%)
1TESLA INCTSLA88160R1011,304,230$1,093,336,009.009.9
2TELADOC HEALTH INCTDOC87918A10511,928,642$718,581,394.086.51
3ROKU INCROKU77543R1026,204,522$687,771,263.706.23
4COINBASE GLOBAL INC -CLASS ACOIN19260Q1073,806,142$658,348,381.745.96
5ZOOM VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS-AZM98980L1016,366,580$657,858,711.405.96
6EXACT SCIENCES CORPEXAS30063P1058,636,046$592,087,313.765.36
7BLOCK INCSQ8522341035,188,732$564,897,252.845.12
8UNITY SOFTWARE INCU91332U1015,997,630$498,523,005.604.52
9UIPATH INC - CLASS APATH90364P10515,969,803$454,340,895.354.12
10TWILIO INC - ATWLO90138F1023,181,164$448,098,761.044.06
11SPOTIFY TECHNOLOGY SASPOTL8681T1023,261,758$432,737,433.863.92
12BEAM THERAPEUTICS INCBEAM07373V1056,521,355$428,583,450.603.88
13CRISPR THERAPEUTICS AGCRSPH171821086,702,371$418,429,021.533.79
14INTELLIA THERAPEUTICS INCNTLA45826J1056,289,200$414,521,172.003.75
15SHOPIFY INC - CLASS ASHOP82509L107488,485$270,220,132.302.45
16DRAFTKINGS INC - CL ADKNG26142R10415,034,751$264,310,922.582.39
17PAGERDUTY INCPD69553P1007,854,703$231,556,644.442.1
18FATE THERAPEUTICS INCFATE31189P1026,399,109$227,040,387.322.06
19ROBINHOOD MARKETS INC - AHOOD77070010218,791,790$226,441,069.502.05
20SIGNIFY HEALTH INC -CLASS ASGFY82671G10011,968,209$203,339,870.911.84
2110X GENOMICS INC-CLASS ATXG88025U1092,496,535$167,642,325.251.52
22INVITAE CORPNVTA46185L10318,741,757$152,745,319.551.38
23ROBLOX CORP -CLASS ARBLX7710491033,648,995$151,323,822.651.37
24PACIFIC BIOSCIENCES OF CALIFPACB69404D10812,884,220$140,953,366.801.28
25VERACYTE INCVCYT92337F1075,081,694$131,463,423.781.19

Cathie Wood PUT 30% Of ARK INVEST $ in 5 STOCKS


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Cathie Wood - Wikipedia

American investor and businesswoman. Cathie Wood. Born. Catherine Duddy. ( 1955-11-26) November 26, 1955 (age 66) Los Angeles, California, U.S. Education. University of Southern California (1981)
Capital Group
Capital Group is an American financial services company. It ranks...
Early life and education
Wood was born in Los Angeles, the eldest child of immigrants from...
In 1977, via her mentor Arthur Laffer, Wood got a job as an assistant...
Awards and honors
Wood was selected for the inaugural 2021 Forbes 50 Over 50; made up of...

Investors pour into Cathie Wood's ARKK despite losses

Cathie Wood, founder and CEO of ARK Investment Management LLC, speaks during the Skybridge Capital SALT New York 2021 conference in New York City, U.S., September 13, 2021. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Cathie Wood - Forbes

Cathie Wood is a star stock-picker and founder of $60 billion (assets) ARK Invest, which invests in innovations like self-driving cars and genomics. After stints at other investment firms, Wood...

Cathie Wood is still a star, but some of the shine came ...

Dec 28, 2021Cathie Wood started the year as a bona fide superstar in the rarified world of active stock picking. She ends the year still a superstar, but the ebb and flow of her flagship fund illustrates the...

7 Cathie Wood Stocks That Are Worth Buying in March ...

These Cathie Wood stocks are likely to see lucrative gains in the coming quarters March 10, 2022 By Tezcan Gecgil , InvestorPlace Contributor Mar 10, 2022, 6:10 pm EST March 10, 2022
Microsoft News1d
Microsoft News7h

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Ark's Cathie Wood Says Passive Investing Sparked The 'Most ...

5 days agoSpeaking at the Forbes 30/50 Summit in Abu Dhabi on Monday, famed stock picker Cathie Wood of Ark Invest sharply criticized passive investing and touted disruptive innovation stocks, even as her ...

Cathie Wood Watch: Ark Buys Biotech Stocks - TheStreet

Cathie Wood Watch: Ark Buys Biotech Stocks. Ark also acquired shares of a healthcare-clinic chain and an electric air-taxi company. Ark sold shares of a lender. Investment star Cathie Wood, chief ...

Cathie Wood Admits Defeat in Her Call for Oil to Crash to $12

Cathie Wood has admitted short-term defeat in her 2020 prediction that oil prices would crash to $12 per barrel. WTI Crude Oil prices soared to $120 per barrel on Monday amid Russia's invasion of ...

Cathie Wood Stocks | Top 10 Holdings | ARKK INNOVATION EFT

Cathie Wood PUT 30% Of ARK INVEST $ in 5 STOCKS 7 STOCKS CATHIE WOOD JUST BOUGHT Transcript - Cathie Wood PUT 30% Of ARK INVEST $ in 5 STOCKS Cathy wood Wow, has she gotten popular over the past few years, I don't think she really needs any introduction for this video, we're talking about the fact that she has over $20 billion in the art ETF.

Cathie Wood just called this technology the 'next big ...

Cathie Wood believes that she's found the next big thing in investing — and has the data to back it up. "We were assuming that in the next 10 years, artificial intelligence would deliver, in ...

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