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HUD Guidelines for Property Preservation in the United States HUD handles property preservation for properties that have been foreclosed on and will soon be foreclosed on – they also handle the property inspections, renovation permit, and access restrictions that they will pass on to you if you work with them.
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Multifamily Housing Preservation HUD oversees more than 22,000 privately owned multifamily properties, and more than 1.4 million assisted housing units. These homes were originally financed with FHA-insured or Direct Loans and many are supported with Section 8 or other rental assistance contracts.

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Oct 29, 2021 · U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 451 7th Street, S.W., Washington, DC 20410 T: 202-708-1112

Property Preservation and Protection (P&P) includes property maintenance, security, and repair work required by HUD in order to ensure that the property meets HUD’s conveyance condition standards.

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Field Service Managers (FSM) are companies that provide property preservation and protection services consisting of, but not limited to, inspecting the property, securing the property, performing cosmetic enhancements/repairs, and providing on-going maintenance. Properties acquired by HUD are assigned to …

HUD Guidelines for Property Preservation | Pocketsense

Dec 12, 2019 · Property preservation firms help their clients through each step, from loan default through property foreclosure and conveyance. Preservation Services Companies typically follow HUD guidelines if the mortgage loan type does not come with any applicable regulatory guidelines.

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HUD handles property preservation for properties that have been foreclosed on and will soon be foreclosed on – they also handle the property inspections, renovation permit, and access restrictions that they will pass on to you if you work with them.

HUD Property Preservation Website - Safeguard Properties

HUD Property Preservation Website. Please see the following link to the newly released HUD Property Preservation Website. These pages contain the most current HUD Cost Allowable schedules taken from the HUD Mortgagee Letters and is intended for organizations and individuals involved in preserving and protecting HUD properties.

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  • Starting A Property Preservation Business
  • Serving The Demand For Property Preservation
  • Establish Your Property Preservation Company
  • Okay, But What If I Have No Experience in The Property Preservation Industry?
  • Conclusion
  • You must first research your market to find out the demand level among real estate industry players for cleaning, transforming and maintaining properties in foreclosure. Lenders and investors outsource to experienced firms that specialize in fixing up properties for sale or rent. Firms that outsource may already have in-house property preservation team. Industry guidelines and regulations are set by government agencies HUD, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and Veteran’s Administration (VA). While inv…
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Property Preservation Companies

Feb 26, 2021 · Do you know what company got the hud 2017 contract for property preservation in the state of Illinois. Reply. Ken W. July 19, 2017 at 10:22 am . I have been in PP work for 11 years now. The market has change very much. The main company i have been working for lost there major account 6 months ago and just recently lost there contract for ...

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Inspector Property Preservation Service Companies Information

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HUD Property Preservation information for home field service inspection business

Why this list is so important is because with all the natural disasters happening all over the world being prepared for winds, floods or hurricanes can make a difference to the environment and what it can mean to a house that is not properly inspected and cared for.

One of the things you will notice right away is that not all homes have the correct address and HUD needs to know if they have been abandoned or not.

Part of your job will be to optain police and fire reports so be aware of the dangers involved but feel secure knowing you are helping people and that is its own reward.

When starting out its best to know how the environmental issues could be mold, lead paint, water quality, septic system, radon and asbestos.

Some of these environmental issues can cause serious health issues among future home buyers if they are not taken care of immediately so make sure to get the proper training on how best to secure these types of situations.

If you are concerned to know more information about what is involved with Property preservation tasks here is where you will be securing and maintenance tasks performed on vacant foreclosure properties.

So don't feel overwhelmed by the many new and old ways and special job duties required because it will not be all your tasks, you will work with a team that helps specialize in each part of the process.

  • Phase I - Some Environmental site assessments
  • Phase II - Even Sampling and testing
  • Phase III - More Clean-up and remediation

Others that has already mentioned above is they include lock changes, winterizations, debris removal, lawn maintenance, boarding of doors and windows, removal of health and hazardous materials, snow removal, etc.Stay aware of any new developments as they surface during your career.

Home Inspectors are Needed for Property Preservation

How to stay with in the government, state and local guidelines

Not only is it probably known that most of these properties need to be kept within government, state and local guidelines, here is a list of the items that inspectors need to know how to do:

  • Changing Lock changes
  • some Winterization
  • best Debris removal
  • other Grass and grounds maintenance
  • most Initial Securing
  • simple HUD Conveyance Preparation
  • best Eviction services
  • and Code violation abatement
  • to Repair and Renovation Estimates
  • other Special Services

Get Field Service Jobs now:

From the list you will see that the duties vary but are pretty much consistant from town to town and state to state, if you are looking to build your ccareer as a home inspector you will need to familiarize yourself with things that secure a home and make it safe for the homeowners, just realize that many of future home dwellers will be in retirement age and need to live in a home that may have been prior in foreclosure or turned back over to HUD, if this is the case you knowing simple code violations and repair and renovation you can help them make a smoother transition when they decide to move to another state or even another country. Special needs that can occur that is in demand put not particularly brought to everyones attention is:

  • The HUD Mailer Program
  • Some Natural Disaster Notification Program
  • and Obtaining Police and Fire Reports
  • doing Bad Address Program
  • as HUD Conveyance Pre-Orders
  • plus Environmental: Residential and Commercial

Home Based Field Service Inspection Property Preservation Business

You can start by just finding out what Mortgage Companies need Field Service Reps for Inspection Services.

So you have read about Mortgage Lenders paying companies to go out and clean, secure and maintain their vacant, REO Properties, but what exactly do they need done, here is a list of the type of services that will be in demand for as long as the number of foreclosure properties grows.

It is not advertised but Field Service Reps are needed in Property Preservation Industry inspection Services, there are many types of property inspections.

It is important to note that these inspections help Mortgage companies, lenders, insurance companieso make decisions on their properties with the information received from an inspection.

Finding a recession proof job is on everyones mind today, because they can not find work due to layoffs and the downturn in the mortgage business, will this turn around some say it will but not sure how long it will be before the real estate market sees a brighter future, don't worry to much about it because with the baby boomers retiring they will be looking to move to community type homes were they feel safe.

What types of information should I know about in my inspection?

Some of the basic information received on an inspection would be occupancy status, damages, check if utilities are on or off. With this list and if you are experienced or just a novice you will find that having a foreknowledge will make you better at your job and lead to the job security you seek.

so just think how your skills as a home residential inspector will keep them from facing a dangerous or harmful situation due to poor electrical wires or surges.

Surfing the net you will find many sites that mention what is expected of you in your inspection:

  • Residential Inspections
  • Foreclosure inspections
  • Bankruptcy inspections
  • Insurance loss inspections
  • FNMA Form 30
  • Sale date inspections
  • Borrower interview
  • Occupancy determinations
  • Weekly/bi-weekly inspections
  • Compliance inspections
  • Property & Casualty inspections
  • Origination Inspection
  • Property Preservation Services

What types of special areas should you know about in your career

Residential Inspections

Here you will notice that this is required: Occupancy Verification - Delinquency Interview - Foreclosure Inspection -

Bankruptcy Inspection - Now it will take many years of experience and apprentice ship to best offer the types of services required in Investigative Inspection Report - Face To Face Interview Report -

Sale Date Inspection - Now that you know what you need to due it will be easier to be the best at Insurance Loss Inspection - Construction Progress Report -

Construction Funding Report - Many reports have been shown in the news especially with Katrina, now this is a place for Flood Hazard Verification - HUD Title I Program Home

Improvement Inspection - It is not that easy to learn all at once so there are manuals that assist in your journy Broker Price Opinion (BPO) - Broker Opinion of Value (BOV) -

Comparative Market - Lastly les cover what it means to be a Estimated Market Value (EMV) Analysis (CMA) - Neighborhood Information along with this type of assumption for Profile - Residential Property Appraisal

Insurance Inspections

Look at all that is involved before you make an informed decision on these include: Dwelling observation inspection - high value inspection - insurance loss, control inspections (risk analysis).You will always be able to switch to other industries later when the economy improves.

What does it all mean and how can you benefit?

Commercial Inspections - is a process that you will gladly find out is more lucrative when it comes to Photo Inspections - Physical Facilities Inspection -

  • Merchant Credit Card Account Site Verification - Retail Outlet Verification -

Coupon Redemption Inspection - It does take some type of informed training by someone who is experienced to show you about the various areas of Vehicle Delinquency Interviews

Classic Vehicle Finance Inspections - Other areas for your consideration include Leased Equipment Inspections

Environmental Inspections/Assessments - To fully understand the guidelines make sure to read the reports and watch the movie on Broker Price Opinion (BPO) , because it definitely will save you time and money

  • Broker Opinion of Value (BOV) - Mystery Shopper Survey - Movie Audience Response Survey -
  • TV Audience Response Survey - Floor Plan Inspection - Mattress Inspection - These are some of the less know types of inspections that are more of niches in the industry.

Home Field Service Inspection Business Video

Did you know that you can do other inspections for businesses as well as homes?

Fitness Center Inspections is not more of the well known types of inspections done but what you can expect is the ability to do:

  • Carpet Inspections - Granite Countertop Inspections -
  • Business Verifications For Credit & Background Checks.

Property Preservation - this type of inspection is more known and can include much of the following as has been mentioned before it will push your career in high gear if you really look hard at how you can add any of these duties to your portfolio or resume because the actions will lead you to a recession proof job doing Lock changes - lock rekeying - winterizations - de-winterizations - debris removal - broom sweeping - cleaning - door and window boarding - lawn maintenance - hazard removal - pool draining - pool covering - above ground pool removal - minor repairs - major repairs -rehab - fire damage repairs - water damage repairs - mold remediation - roofing - carpentry - exterminating services - oil tank removal - snow removal -carpet cleaning


Losing a job has caused many to be evicted from their homes and it is the responsibility of the process servers - title/lien searches - trustee sale posting - tax record searches to not get emotionally involved but stick to the job at hand. This should keep you busy for a while, if you decide you want to offer these services in your own business. Many of these resources can be found online.

Home Inspection Plans Video

Home Inspections search by City and State

Manhattan home inspector Newark Home Inspectors New York Home inspections Minnesota home inspections Lake County Home Inspector Chicago home inspectors Queens NY home inspections California home inspector Georgia Home Inspectors Roswell GA home inspectors Kane county home inspector Termite inspection Long island NY

Brooklyn New York home inspector suffolk county home inspectors Grand Rapids Home Inspector Allegheny County Home Inspector New York O'fallon Palmer Lake Monument Long Island NY home inspectors British Columbia Home Inspector Woodland Park Cook County Home Inspector Illinois NY Home Inspector NY home inspectors Long Island Home Inspector Nassau County home inspectors Suffolk county home inspector

Janitorial Services

The most hottest in demand work at home based business right now is for field service representative inspection, this does'nt seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

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