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5 Strategies to Writing a Book That Will Build Authority

SFGate|2 days ago
There are many ways in which you can improve your chances of succeeding. Taking informed risks, accepting failures and using them as fertilizer for your growth leads to success. Related: Here's How Writing a Book Can Give Your Brand a Much-Needed Boost ...

Dealing with rejection: 5 tips for writers

By Allison Tait. Rejection is part of every writer's life. Published or unpublished, beginner or established, every writer experiences the crushing emotion that accompanies a "sorry, not for us" or a "thanks,

A Word, Please: Flowery writing can turn off readers

Which raises the question: How can you use these insights to improve your own writing? Here are some tips. For starters, use simple words. Tempted to write "utilize"? Don't. Write "use" instead. "Elucidate" can be "explain."

Stop thinking and start writing: how to beat the fear and start your debut novel

Stylist|6 days ago
Author Lizzie Pook shares her tips for getting started ... And read awful books - they'll remind you that your writing isn't so bad after all." 'Awful' is subjective, of course, but identifying what you dislike - whether it's an unrealistic ...

Basic tips for working with writers for hire

Castlegar News|5 days ago
However, applying these tips when looking for the right one will lead you to success. Finding a writer you can connect with and talk openly will come with knowledge and advice for you. Which can help you improve your writing skills too.

8 tips for writing a more readable business book

LinkedIn|6 days ago
If your book is hard work, it won't be read ... but reading is an intimate activity in a sense so build the bond. So what can you do? Some tips I usually give to new authors: I hope some of these suggestions are useful but do let me know what's worked ...

Mold in Your Washing Machine Could Be Stinking Up Your Clothes

CNET|20 hours ago
If your washing machine is harboring mold and mildew, are your clothes and towels really getting clean? Your washer needs a good scrub on a regular basis -- especially if there's a sulfur smell in your laundry.

Four Tips To Help Improve Your Security Operations Center Team

Forbes|25 days ago
Founder of Tines, the platform that allows anyone to automate repetitive security workflows without writing ... leaders do to improve their teams in 2022? Here are four of my tips: 1.

Writing tools for non-native English speaking journalists

IJNet|24 days ago
Additionally, if you want to improve your English writing skills and polish your articles before sending them to an editor, a growing number of digital tools, apps and resources can help. Here are a few suggestions: The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus and ...

Trouble Falling Asleep at Night? Try This 5-Minute Activity Before You Go to Bed

CNET|5 days ago
This story is part of Try This, CNET's collection of simple tips to improve your life ... that tends to keep people up at night. In short, writing things down can help offload worries from your brain onto the page. If you're curious about other ways ...

How to be happier: 13 ways to improve your mental health

MLive|18 days ago
The group that wrote the gratitude letters had "significantly better mental health" after the writing exercise ... Click here for tips on how to improve your sleeping habits.

7 tips to speed up your iPhone

Geeky Gadgets|19 days ago
If you have had your iPhone for a few years then it could start to feel slow, this guide is designed to show you some handy tips that could ... 15.4.1 at the time of writing this guide.

9 Amazon Copywriting Tips For Higher-Converting Titles & Bullets

We will explore nine tips you can implement and use today to start writing better titles ... will be the foundation of most of your Amazon ads. To improve click-through rates, you may find it ...

Up Your Efficiency Game for High Productivity in Microsoft Calendar

Entrepreneur|9 days ago
Instead of using traditional lists and writing things down on pen and paper ... Start using Microsoft Calendar today and take action on the tips and tricks presented. By consistently looking for ways to improve your productivity and learning as much ...

Best Bad Credit Loans [Update] Top Payday Lenders for Those With Bad Credit to Trust

Redmond Reporter|13 days ago
Did you know that getting a loan is possible even when you have a bad credit score? Today, hundreds of lenders have chosen to focus on this particular industry. And thanks to their services, you can still access credit even when you have a poor rating.

The best video doorbells for 2022, according to reviews|29 days ago
A video doorbell is a great way to improve your security at home ... covers the online shopping industry, writing about commerce, daily deals and tips. She can be reached at naccardi@ ...

Health Fusion: Hanging out with the Gratitude Junkie and why you want to meet him

Post-Bulletin|12 days ago
What does it mean to be a conductor of gratitude? In this "Health Fusion" column, Viv Williams hangs out with the Gratitude Junkie, an author, speaker and entrepreneur who shares how a traumatic life event compelled him to launch a project that promotes gratitude.

Level Up Week at Wright-Patt to emphasize personnel needs

YAHOO!News|6 days ago
Level Up Week's goal is to enhance mission viability and improve quality of life ... Discussions on practical techniques and tips to build your stress-management toolbox will be presented. —Federal Resume Writing Course (May 9, 1 to 3 p.m.; virtual ...

GSA launches new tool to simplify the federal buying process

Federal Acquisition Service Commissioner Sonny Hashmi said the new buyer experience tool "was built using human-centered design to address pain points in the acquisition process."

FPL wildcard tips for Gameweek 36: A full squad of players you need to consider for Double Gameweek

Squawka Football|3 days ago
All odds within this article are accurate at the time of writing (22:30, 02/05/2022 ... We've looked at the options in the FPL world and found the best complete squad to use your wildcard on. Let's take a look at the players who could bring you ...

8 Best Enterprise-Level SEO Tools For Content Optimization

Then, use this intel to improve your own content ... Paste your content into a content writing tool to make improvements in real-time. Looking for optimization tips? Use Semrush to audit and ...

How older workers can improve their job search success

Tips for resume writing and networking were addressed in ... prevent one or just improve some aspect of the employer's world. "Think about possibilities," she adds. Regarding work in Orange ...

5 Steps To Help You Replicate Success At Work

Forbes|20 days ago
Reflect on and record your steps as you are taking them. Whether you are writing a communication ... you can address and use that feedback to improve the process. Encourage feedback to increase ...

The Best Felt Tip Pens For All Your Writing Needs|18 days ago
The pens have medium point nib for bold and clean writing They come with ... and looking for ways to make your notes clear and appealing, then these felt tips from Paper Mate will help you do ...

10 items to make at-home therapy more comfortable

USA Today|28 days ago
Before, going to a therapist's office may have been inconvenient, out of your area ... for therapy days. Writing is known to help people release stress and improve healing over time.

5 Tips for Creating LinkedIn Posts That Will Drive Valuable Engagement

Entrepreneur|29 days ago
There's little doubt LinkedIn is the best platform for professional networking, but sometimes getting meaningful engagement out of your posts can feel a bit like a puzzle. The potential ...

Assignments writing: Proper planning is needed

The curse of assignment writing forces other students out of ... Fortunately, with proper planning, you can learn to improve your ability to stay on top of your assignments and assessments ...

Simple Online Security: Secure Your Sensitive Data

New York Times|16 days ago
Learn more› This is just one step in a series created to help anyone improve their online ... Our simple and affordable tips will show you how to drastically reduce your risks online.
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