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AI Research | NIST’s fundamental AI research aims to develop a metrologist’s guide to AI systems that addresses the complex intertwinement of different aspects of trustworthy AI as well as terminology and taxonomy as it relates to the several layers of the AI space. The guide will consider the impact on social norms, policymakers, AI measurement, and ...

Artificial Intelligence Research | AI Research | Caltech Science Exchange intelligence is transforming scientific research as well as everyday life, from communications to transportation to health care and more. Explore what defines AI, how it has evolved since the Turing Test, and the future of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence | IBM Research with us. With over 3,000 researchers across the globe, IBM Research has a long pedigree of turning fundamental research into world-altering technology. Learn more about the ways that we collaborate with businesses and organizations across the globe to help solve their most pressing needs faster. MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab.

Advancing artificial intelligence research | MIT News | Massachusetts ... artificial intelligence research. MIT Schwarzman College of Computing and the Singapore Defense Science and Technology Agency award funding to 13 AI-focused projects. The 13 projects led by researchers within the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing target one or more of the following themes: trustworthy AI, enhancing human cognition ...

AI Research | Artificial Intelligence Labs. Biomedical Artificial Intelligence Lab. The Biomedical AI Lab develops machine learning tools to predict or precisely measure the outcomes of medical interventions, collaborating extensively with hospitals and medical schools. Although artificial intelligence techniques and clinical populations are highly varied, a major theme is ...

Research AI - Write Blogs and Marketing Content 10X Faster.https://researchai.coGet ResearchAI and start creating the content you need to produce courses faster and immediately grow your profits. Remember, you can use this AI tool to generate course content and improve the copy you write in various formats like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Docs, Gmail, and more. Once you start using ResearchAI.

AI - University of Florida in Research. Over the past 10 years, UF has made significant computing infrastructure investments, including a $15 million data center to house the $3.4 million HiPerGator supercomputer. That work set the stage for UF’s giant next step. In 2020, alumnus Chris Malachowsky and NVIDIA, the company he cofounded, gave UF more than $50 million ...

Meta AI Research - Facebook AI Applied Research engages in cutting-edge research that can improve and power new product experiences at huge scale for our community. Building on Facebook AI's key principles of openness, collaboration, excellence, and scale, we make big, bold research investments focused on building social value and bringing the world closer ...


TRUE’s groundbreaking AI technology automates time-consuming document analysis. Remove reliance on expensive outside labor and free your team to focus on growth. Audits and QC. AI-Powered OCR. Document Versioning. Decisioning. Data Extraction. Income Analysis. Data Extraction Engine. Document Classification. Services: Lending Intelligence, Financial Services.

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