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Lots of Changes Bubbling Over at by Daryl H. Bryant

The popular social networking site, Facebook, has stirred up two major security and privacy concerns amongst their existing 9 million members. The first concern was regarding a change Facebook made a few days ago that revealed a new feature which allow other users to keep tabs on changes to their friends' profiles, photographs and other personal information - is the latest example of increasing privacy concerns among social networking sites' predominantly young adult audience.

How You Can Exploit Facebook to Advertise Your Online Business by Gerald Zakeo

Most people think that is a site where you connect with your friends and relatives and hook up with your long-lost friends. Well, in actual fact Facebook has a lot more to offer than just that. Besides being a social media site it can help you discover lots of business niches and make loads of money for you.

Why Join Facebook or Twitter If I Am Only Interested in Business? by Gerald Zakeo

When social media network sites were introduced people only thought they were good for making friends. It took some time for people to realise it that they could also be used to look for business clients. Well today, social media networks such as and have become powerful tools to advertise your business online.

How Facebook and Twitter Take Boredom Out of Online Business Marketing by Gerald Zakeo

Long back advertising your business online just meant you had to create a website, make it look attractive, upload content associated with your products or services and then hope that the site will attract huge volumes of traffic and possibly clinch you business deals. With time people soon found that internet users have little time to read and try to understand some of the content that will be displayed on some sites. In actual fact they can navigate away from such pages without even finding out what your business really offers.

Featuring Facebook by Arpanjot Singh

Social networking web sites such as Facebook aren't always about wasting your time. There's a lot you can do with it. There are apps from games to professional utilities - all at one place...

Are You Working Your Business Facebook Page Like You Should Be? by Audrey Thompson

Social Media is here and it is here to stay. It is important for a business to get on board with creating a Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages. And it is especially important to keep them active for them to do any good.

How I Recovered a Hacked Facebook Page by Tom Willis

My Facebook account was hacked and I lost access to my page. This is my story of how I got it back, and made a friend along the way.

How to Use Your Facebook by Dr. Joyce Knudsen

Do you know that social media is a great resource for networking? Not only do the social sites allow for you to connect with people, worldwide, but also builds your business. How?

You Have Been Lied to About Making Money From Facebook by Lance Bowlin

Well a few months back I received an email from my close friend Jack Parkerson that I met through internet marketing asking for help. He said he has been getting tons of emails from his blog readers asking for help on how to make money from Facebook and he needed my help on the matter. If you didn't know social media is the best way to make money online these days because the amount traffic these social media sites get; so why not go to a place where people are already looking for what you have to offer? And now a lot people are catching on but the problem is not a lot people know how.

Facebook for Business - Top 10 Tips by Jamie Fairbairn

As well as being a social platform Facebook has also become a useful tool for businesses to interact with existing and potential customers. Below are our top 10 tips on how to use Facebook for your business, no matter what size it is.

Why Wasn't My Facebook Account Deleted? by Lee J.

Facebook seems to really want to keep its users very much. Not only does it urge people to deactivate their accounts rather than deleting them, it also makes it more inconvenient for the user to permanently remove their account from the site. Trying to delete your Facebook account?

How To Get More Fans on Facebook - Part Three: Using Joint Ventures To Build Increase Facebook Fans by James Gladwell

One of the most effective ways to build any business online is to work with those that are already established through joint ventures. These kind of partnerships and power networks can be the difference between a good business and a great one. Joint Venture is really just a buzz phrase or marketing term meaning 'working with other people in your market for mutual benefit.' This method is simple and to-the-point, so this part of the article will be too.

Enjoy Big Results From These Easy Facebook Business Tips by Neil Rischall

It's time to leverage the power of Facebook in your favor once you've reached the point in your business when you're looking to gain exposure, refine your target marketing, and solidify your brand. You'll see that large and small businesses alike are beginning to use the powerful Facebook marketplace to reach a new audience and generate more sales. The biggest benefit of doing business through Facebook is that it offers a very personal way for businesses to connect with their target markets.

How Do I Start a Facebook Page? by Christopher Lee Jacobs

Ever think it was too hard to start a Facebook? I can show you how it's not hard at all!

How to Set Up an Account on Facebook by Hannah Miller

If you want to be a part of the biggest social networking community, join Facebook! You can set up a personal account, or one for your business or group! Here are some step by step instructions for setting up an account on Facebook, and a few tips for first time users!

Why to Use FaceBook by CA Rose

There are many great social networking sites that can be used for online marketing. One of the best is FaceBook.

Take Advantage Of Facebook Marketing by Arto L

Facebook is very popular because it enables friends and family to easily connect with each other. You can use it to market your business.

Welcome To Facebook - The Truth Behind 'The Social Network' by Jo Shaer

With the recent flotation and the legal battles of The Social Network movie, it's easy to miss the real story behind Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook eight years ago as a university network at Harvard but, today, 13% of the world's population have signed up to his website. And now he's listed on the Stock Exchange in a deal reported to be worth $100 billion.

Facebook Page for Small Business by Brigitte J August

There are a great many reasons to create a Facebook page for your small business. Today consumers are connected whether it be through the web or mobile. You want to build better relationships by responding to your customers in a quick and more personal way. Facebook is just one of many ways to generate social media marketing. What are the best ways to make use of their features?

Promoting Websites Through Facebook by Kiran Krishnan

Many marketing persons use Facebook for publishing website or blogs. It can gather attention from millions of users. It is easy to get more readers / visitors to your website or blogs through Facebook.

Google+ Vs Facebook - Will Google+ Win? by Ruslan Julbarissow

The fact that Facebook has 40 times more users than Google+ could probably lead you to the assumption that Facebook is the all-time winner. But let's consider the following points, why Google, the master company of web, could also become the leader of social networks...

Secure and Encrypt Your Facebook Experience by Lynn Dye

Facebook is launching more tools this week (1-26-11), to aid in keeping users' Facebook accounts secure. One is the ability to log into Facebook securely.

5 Items Every Facebook Page Should Be Equipped With by Alicia Rittenhouse

You have heard the buzz surrounding the Facebook Pages & Facebook Custom Landing Pages but are you confused what all you should include? You should have at least the following on your Facebook Page. Opt-In Form and Pinkspoon - Another way to capture email addresses besides on your website.

Enhance Your Brand - Create a Facebook Page by Pamela Hughes

A large and growing number of some of the most valuable demographic groups are devoting more of their attention to Facebook versus other media channels. With 300 million active users and counting (plus 500,000 new users every day), Facebook is no longer just a virtual community for college students to share photos and news with their friends. Adults and professionals from around the globe have embraced the platform, including 90 million in the U.S. This has businesses large and small asking themselves: Will Facebook really help my business? Does my company need a Facebook Page?

Why Facebook is Re-Writing Marketing Books by Sean D'Souza

Is Facebook the new way of marketing? How is it different, and how can you use it to your advantage? Read More...

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